Thursday, February 27, 2014


In French, one doesn't say "I miss you", but rather "tu me manques" - you are missing from me, as though the person in mind is a real, physical part of you that is missing.

I understand this. I have pieces of myself all over - some miles away, some close enough to touch, but all of them missing from me in some way. They drift in and out of my life in strange and irregular ways, but never fully leave me. Some of them leave a much larger empty space than others, even if physically they are not that far removed.

No matter how difficult it is to locate each missing piece and try, however briefly, to tuck it back into its place, it is worth the effort for the reward that comes.

My fear is that some of them have no idea their absence is felt at all. I hope to show each of them how they fit into my life before they are missing from me for good.