Sunday, May 8, 2016


I am beyond proud to say I am the mother of 3 amazing, annoying, beautiful, hilarious, frustrating, fabulous children. They push my buttons and push my limits daily. There have been days when I have wanted to box them all up and ship them to A Far Away Place, but I love them unconditionally.

I have another "family" too. My Rage family is an interesting one. These "children" are grown women. Some of them are older than I. Many of them have their own children. Regardless, my maternal instinct still kicks in when I see them on the football field. I am almost as proud of them as of my own children. 

How I came to be lucky enough to have so much in my life is anyone's guess, but I am grateful. 💗

Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm a Bitch

No, really.

Let's talk language for a moment.

A bitch is a female dog. As much as some of you might not associate me with dogs (I've never been a dog person), the title of bitch couldn't be more fitting.

If you are among my circle of friends and loved ones, there is little I would not do for you. My primary drive in life is to support the people I love.  Physical, emotional, financial... whatever is within my power, I will do to see that you are happy and successful. Sometimes this manifests itself as ridiculous gestures, with the end result often nothing more than a smile or a polite thank you from the recipient. To you this may seem fruitless and silly, but I assure you that what it gives me is exponentially greater than the effort involved.

If you've ever seen the look a dog gives her owner just for being present, you might begin to understand.

Go ahead. Call me a bitch. I'll wear that title like a crown.