Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm a Bitch

No, really.

Let's talk language for a moment.

A bitch is a female dog. As much as some of you might not associate me with dogs (I've never been a dog person), the title of bitch couldn't be more fitting.

If you are among my circle of friends and loved ones, there is little I would not do for you. My primary drive in life is to support the people I love.  Physical, emotional, financial... whatever is within my power, I will do to see that you are happy and successful. Sometimes this manifests itself as ridiculous gestures, with the end result often nothing more than a smile or a polite thank you from the recipient. To you this may seem fruitless and silly, but I assure you that what it gives me is exponentially greater than the effort involved.

If you've ever seen the look a dog gives her owner just for being present, you might begin to understand.

Go ahead. Call me a bitch. I'll wear that title like a crown.

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