Sunday, August 18, 2013


I hate running. Not just dislike, but actually *hate* it. So of course, the natural course of events for a running-hater like me is to enter a mud obstacle race. Naturally.

I have been lucky enough in my life to belong to the most amazing group of women - the Calgary Rage. 4 of my Rage family members and I spent our morning slogging our way through five kilometers of hills, dust, mud, dragging cinder blocks, climbing walls, crawling under barbed wire and jumping over fire.

It may have been the most fun I've had so far in my life. And yes, there was running (or old lady shuffling as I more accurately describe my gait...)

Every obstacle was a mental and physical test. We climbed, crawled, grunted and swore our way through, helping each other (and total strangers!) conquer each challenge, or sweat out the 30 burpees penalty.

My proudest moment (besides actually finishing the race!) was scaling the 8 foot wall on the first try. THE FIRST TRY.  Yes. I am extremely proud of that.

I couldn't have done any of this without my teammates. Esther, Amanda, Ferne and Whitney stuck with me through the whole ordeal. We hoisted each other over walls and cheered each other up and down hills with sandbags on our shoulders.  We shared burpees to get each other through. And in the end, we finished together. As a team.

I might even do it again.


  1. And the wall was your big worry. Well done, my friend.

    1. Thanks Ron :) Great friends are great motivation.