Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Shred... again.

It seems my motivation level is even lower than my fitness level. Ugh. I am going to try YET AGAIN to get on track... we'll see how it goes on attempt number three.


  1. Don't give up! Research has shown it takes six weeks to become addicted to exercise.

    Make small changes. Try 20 minutes of yoga in the morning. Walk somewhere. Don't drink pop. Or switch to diet. Eat more veggies.

    Don't try to overhaul everything all at once. It's too much and you can't shock your system into being something it hasn't been.

    And look to friends and family for support. Ask for help. Read some blogs on how to do this. I recommend Terri's blog. You know? @calgaryfitness And @Kait_Dee is another good one to follow. She's dropped 85 lbs on her own in the last few months.

    Just believe.

  2. Remember It does not have to HURT to be effective! The Road to wellness is as long as we make it. Many of us 'Work like dogs' yet 'eat like Pigs' - It is not usually the quantity of food, rather the Quality or lack of same.

    A very wise woman once told me "Don't eat Fat - you won't get fat"

    Sodium is a HUGE issue in the North American Diet. Read labels and see the amount of Sodium in prepared foods.

    Do NOT beat yourself up - Celebrate the little accomplishments they will grow into bigger accomplishments.

    PS - Muscle burns Fat ...